Shadowrun - Toronto

Let's Lay Low...

Phewww, BOOM

Mr. Brandon was lucky to have the fates on his side today. After being tranq-patched and kidnapped, CAS celebe Radcliff Brandon found himself strapped down to a gurney and only somewhat conscious. What could have been his terrifying remaining moments as a living being were only somewhat scary before he was let go at a local 5-star hotel. He leaves the UCAS with a script idea for an outlandish homage to Birth of a Nation.

Before leaving, he revealed to Ellie that Lone Star was behind the false job, who simply wanted to find the runners operating out of Toronto and put an end to them. With a number of officers and cyberware-enhanced SWAT members dead, and two high-priced vehicles unaccounted for, Niagara Falls is now on high-alert, and the team has decided to lay low and avoid the area for the time being (though revenge on Lone Star still seems to elicit joy from some members).

Ellie’s Johnson thankfully had some unrelated work, and offered the group a heist / espionage job taking out a small convoy against Aztec. The hit went of without a hitch, despite the convoy being armed with a small number of single-use rocket launchers, and the group was able to put an end to a number of salarymen and their vehicles.

The main vehicle in the small convoy was an older 18-wheeler, inside which the runners found a strange but beautiful (and astrally-visible) old leather and brass-bound chest, whose silken interior cradled a strange large eye.


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