Shadowrun - Toronto

Let's Lay Low...
Phewww, BOOM

Mr. Brandon was lucky to have the fates on his side today. After being tranq-patched and kidnapped, CAS celebe Radcliff Brandon found himself strapped down to a gurney and only somewhat conscious. What could have been his terrifying remaining moments as a living being were only somewhat scary before he was let go at a local 5-star hotel. He leaves the UCAS with a script idea for an outlandish homage to Birth of a Nation.

Before leaving, he revealed to Ellie that Lone Star was behind the false job, who simply wanted to find the runners operating out of Toronto and put an end to them. With a number of officers and cyberware-enhanced SWAT members dead, and two high-priced vehicles unaccounted for, Niagara Falls is now on high-alert, and the team has decided to lay low and avoid the area for the time being (though revenge on Lone Star still seems to elicit joy from some members).

Ellie’s Johnson thankfully had some unrelated work, and offered the group a heist / espionage job taking out a small convoy against Aztec. The hit went of without a hitch, despite the convoy being armed with a small number of single-use rocket launchers, and the group was able to put an end to a number of salarymen and their vehicles.

The main vehicle in the small convoy was an older 18-wheeler, inside which the runners found a strange but beautiful (and astrally-visible) old leather and brass-bound chest, whose silken interior cradled a strange large eye.

Dreams of the Socially Inept
Michael can make your dreams end, but you won't like it...


Protection Racket
You messed with the wrong poutine...

After delivering Luis to their Corsican chums, and a sad Lone Star mundane to his fate at the hands of Angelique, the group settled in for some downtime to recover from wounds and enhance their equipment. Leatherneck set his sights on a new, forbidden-to-own rifle, while David set to acquiring a new bipedal drone and Ellie decided her body could use some physical enhancement through a new cyber modification.

After a week of laying low, Ellie received a text from Fish that he needed her and some friends, frantically. It seemed that some very unwise aspiring Go Gangers had decided to hit up the small poutine shop for protection money, not realizing it was a Corsican front. Fish was furious, and wanted them to be shown their place. An employee had died, but another was able to shoot a tracker round in to the van as they drove off.

The runners caught up to the van as the Go Gangers were similarly hitting up a small electronics shop with a lone orc protecting it, a street samurai by the name of Grog. The runners rammed the van with Leatherneck’s Appalusa while 5 gangers were inside, using their significantly higher mass and armor to cripple the shoddy vehicle. Among the remaining gangers were a gaudy looking leader-type and a mohawk-sporting magic user, who were quickly eliminated.

Lone Star
Beating the homeless since 2020

Following the successful convoy from the Niagara to St. Catherines, Ellie got a message from Fish saying that he had some information for her regarding a recent subject, and Leatherneck received a message from McClusky saying they had to talk.

The charismatic elf joined Fish at Chez Poutine and was told that the metal inlays from the pot they once handled (and had recently inquired about) seemed to actually be Orichalcum. Since the metal content was estimated to be about 200 grams worth, that would give the material itself a value of around a million nuyen, regardless of the additional value as an archeological artifact. He implored her to give him a message if they should happen to hear about it or come across it again.

Axis joined Leatherneck and McClusky as they met in a downtown Tim Hortons, donut references causing silent chuckles from the two runners. McClusky seemed embarrassed and somber, more so than usual, as he admitted that Lone Star running about the city was causing some problems to the normal ebb and flow of Toronto’s lifestyle. He mentioned a specific group of employees as being a cause for concern, and implored Leatherneck to assist with the situation.

For a sizable chunk of the nuyen Toronto’s police department has, the group was on the job, and immediately began checking out the route this Lone Star group was reported to use.

Before heading out, they contacted and contracted a rigger by the name of Michael Williamson to finish Leatherneck’s truck, which was still unfinished after Nikia’s death. He took on the job while Ellie, Kitsa, and Axis scoped out the Lone Star route. Kitsa was first to spot them, while in cat form. They drove past in some kind of patrol vehicle, windows polarized and two of them standing on external steps.

Ellie was next to spot them, from her motorbike, as they pulled in front of an alleyway connecting Yonge St along Bloor St. She rode around the long way to the other end, but only caught a glimpse of one remaining as some kind of sentry, while the others had gone off. Finally, later in the day, they stopped in an ice cream shop where Axis had been waiting to spot them. They actually stopped and got ice cream from the same place as he watched. Axis noticed their sidearms and general gear layout; nothing major, nothing overpowering.

Axis noticed another login to his Commlink, and went full VR to once again be greeted by the now-familiar mystery man. They spoke briefly before being disconnected.

The group decided to check out the alley as a possible ambush site, and asked some residents there how often the fuzz showed up. It seemed like a good spot, so Ellie disguised herself as a homeless person and awaited their arrival the next day. Lone Star showed up again, right on schedule, and started clearing out the alley. Ellie maintained her crazy person persona, and ended up receiving a steel boot kick to the ribs from the Lieutenant in return. Suddenly, the moral implications of killing lawmen seemed less of an issue.

The Lone Star unit was tailed again as they left, by drone and by Kitsa-as-a-bird, and followed pretty much the same route. They followed again a third day, hoping to make absolute certain of a schedule, unfortunately the unit seemed to either get called away or spooked, and took off on the expressway faster than was followable.

Ellie spent the third day resting up and taking it easy after her injury the previous day, a dark purple bruise left as a reminder. She met up again at Chez Poutine with Fish, where he gave her details of a new mission: extraction of Aztecnology AI specialist Luis Mendez. She accepted the job on behalf of the group for 60k.

The group spent the rest of the day plotting their plans. Could the Lone Star vehicle and bodies possibly be used to assist with the Aztec job? Could a living lawman be saved so as to be fed to Angelique and gain some loyalty?

Jon Mon and the Convoy
Meh times two.

No time. Notes to follow later.

The Training Hole part 2
Dice Pool Shock
The Training Hole
Collateral Damage
When a run goes too far

The universe apparently appreciates irony.

After being given the lead by Leatherneck’s police contact, the party went back to the Bunraku parlor where the first run had gone so well for them. There, they met with a wet-behind-the-ears Mr. Johnson, most likely a Yak Exec. He told the group that they had a lead on a group that had hit their parlor the previous week, and while they seemed to be stocked up again on warm bodies, honor demanded a revenge hit. He asked the group to nail three key local Shiawase assets, all within the same building: a server room / data center, an arms storage area, and a living area which they believed to be housing local Shiawase security forces.

The group accepted the run with an agreed upon payment price of 20,000 nuyen. Though fully aware that the group had been responsible for the run against the Bunraku parlor, and that it was the local Corsican Mafia who had funded the run, it was just good business. It wasn’t the first time the group was double-dealing, any way.

The Buildup

Kitty and Elvesmere used their powers to become animals, searching the sewers surrounding the Shiawase building and trying to find a way in, or way to destroy the whole building remotely. They summoned a water spirit, who perused the building’s water supply and found a reservoir at the top with approximately 8,000 litres of water. The water was used to feed the buildings cold water system for cooling.

Kitty asked the spirit to open the pipes and drain the water in to the sewer, planning to fill the tank with natural gas and cause an explosion. The water began to drain, but slow enough that they realized this would take a while. They returned to Nikia’s shop and decided to return the next day.

During the evening, as the group bided their time, Axis noticed some activity on his com. He jacked in to the PAN and started running some diagnostics, eventually finding that there had been a remote login attempt from an unknown source, which had been killed by the firewall. No more information was available, so despite some worry, the group thought nothing more of it.

Upon their return to the sewer, they found the pipe was no longer pumping water, and thought perhaps it had emptied. Neither noticed the maintenance worker, who tried to grab Elvesmere. Elvesmere cast control thoughts on the worker, and after some trial and error, got him to get naked and head home. Upon investigation, the reservoir had barely lost half of the water, and the group considered other options.

Though some intangible metaphysical force (GM) kept offering that brute force entry and destruction was always an option, the group was hesitant. They eventually decided to hijack a gas station filler truck, drop a remotely blasting explosive inside the half-filled tank, and drive it straight in to the building. Axis spent an hour and a half searching the Matrix with his sprites, and eventually was able to locate a current route for a fuel tanker between Hamilton and Toronto.

During the heist, about 30km outside of Toronto proper, the original driver was able to make it back to the tractor and grab on as they pulled out. The door was locked and he couldn’t get in, so he jumped off about 10 seconds later, hitting the ground at almost 40kph.

As he rolled to a stop, Leatherneck used the van to run him over. Ouch.

The Build-down

The truck was driven right through the front door of the Shiawase building, taking out a fountain, a receptionist’s desk, and getting about 10 feet up the stairs before coming to a halt. The tractor was ruined, but the tank was more or less unscathed. David jumped out of the cab, unharmed, and made his way back out the front as inconspicuously as he could manage.

After getting far enough away, he hit the trigger, and a cacophonous explosion rang out through downtown Toronto. The explosives tore open the tanker and threw flaming liquid petroleum over everything on the ground floor, engulfing the front half and first two floors entirely in flames. Adding insult to injury, Elvesmere summoned a fire spirit, and asked it to help the fire continue in spite of whatever fire suppression system existed.

Afterwards, the group retreated and awaited the news. Almost immediately, the net came alive with reports of terrorism hitting Toronto, the cleanest and safest city in the UCAS. Discussion blogs broke out questioning the city’s hyped status; people started to question if the local security forces were enough to handle this possible new threat. Surely, there would be inquiry and escalation.

The runners waited until the news feeds reported that the fire had burned out. The building’s fire suppression system had activated, but mysteriously ran out of water before the fire could be contained. Multiple tankers and trucks from private Shiawase fire departments were barely able to keep the buildling from falling. Experts on the net suggest it was a lost cause, and the building ought to be written off for insurance purposes.

Never Leave an Enemy Stronghold Intact

Elvesmere, unsatisfied with the result, returned to within a few blocks of the building after the fires had been squelched. Harnessing all of the strength he could muster, and dangerously overcasting his summoning attempt (Force 10, used Edge), he brought forth an earth spirit more powerful than he had ever previously summoned, and instructed it to rock the remaining foundations of the building.

The spirit vanished. Moments later, the ground shook, a rumble arising as if a slide earthquake was hitting the area. Moments later, he saw the top of the building quiver, and finally plummet to its final rest.

Loose Ends

Ellie returned with the party to help negotiate a fair “tip” from the Yakuza, for their violent success. With her usual charm, she convinced the Yak Johnson to more than double the original offer. The group was given 45,000 nuyen, and gifted a free contact (Bunraku Exec Johnson).

David decided the sweeten the pot further, and gave the Yak information about Nikia’s shop, claiming that he too was a runner involved in hitting the parlor a week prior. The Johnson was shocked, and hesitantly asked how much this information would cost him. David called it a gift, while silently informing the rest of the group to abandon the shop and tell Nikia nothing.

Two down. Five to go.


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