Ancient Clay Pottery Piece

An ancient looking clay caraf with bronze inlays.


A light-feeling clay jug, covered with inlays of bronze metal. The clay seems to be well-kept, and barely any corrosion is noticeable in the bronze.


This particular jug was recovered by the group during a strangely intricate water-heist from Shiawase, at the employ of the Corsican Mafia. While the intent was for the Corsicans to act as a middle-man in the sale of the object to a collector outside of Atlanta, it was later revealed that Shiawase had somehow reacquired the vessel.

It seems that the collector from Atlanta turned out to be a acquisition clerk for The Atlantean Foundation (of Dunkelzahn’s will fame), and Shiawase had gone through some other channel available to them to let it be known that they wanted the object back. The object’s current location is not common knowledge, but it is now believed that the bronze material on the object was possibly orichalcum, an exceptionally valuable alchemical metal.

Ancient Clay Pottery Piece

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