Shadowrun - Toronto

Protection Racket

You messed with the wrong poutine...

After delivering Luis to their Corsican chums, and a sad Lone Star mundane to his fate at the hands of Angelique, the group settled in for some downtime to recover from wounds and enhance their equipment. Leatherneck set his sights on a new, forbidden-to-own rifle, while David set to acquiring a new bipedal drone and Ellie decided her body could use some physical enhancement through a new cyber modification.

After a week of laying low, Ellie received a text from Fish that he needed her and some friends, frantically. It seemed that some very unwise aspiring Go Gangers had decided to hit up the small poutine shop for protection money, not realizing it was a Corsican front. Fish was furious, and wanted them to be shown their place. An employee had died, but another was able to shoot a tracker round in to the van as they drove off.

The runners caught up to the van as the Go Gangers were similarly hitting up a small electronics shop with a lone orc protecting it, a street samurai by the name of Grog. The runners rammed the van with Leatherneck’s Appalusa while 5 gangers were inside, using their significantly higher mass and armor to cripple the shoddy vehicle. Among the remaining gangers were a gaudy looking leader-type and a mohawk-sporting magic user, who were quickly eliminated.


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