Shadowrun - Toronto

Lone Star

Beating the homeless since 2020

Following the successful convoy from the Niagara to St. Catherines, Ellie got a message from Fish saying that he had some information for her regarding a recent subject, and Leatherneck received a message from McClusky saying they had to talk.

The charismatic elf joined Fish at Chez Poutine and was told that the metal inlays from the pot they once handled (and had recently inquired about) seemed to actually be Orichalcum. Since the metal content was estimated to be about 200 grams worth, that would give the material itself a value of around a million nuyen, regardless of the additional value as an archeological artifact. He implored her to give him a message if they should happen to hear about it or come across it again.

Axis joined Leatherneck and McClusky as they met in a downtown Tim Hortons, donut references causing silent chuckles from the two runners. McClusky seemed embarrassed and somber, more so than usual, as he admitted that Lone Star running about the city was causing some problems to the normal ebb and flow of Toronto’s lifestyle. He mentioned a specific group of employees as being a cause for concern, and implored Leatherneck to assist with the situation.

For a sizable chunk of the nuyen Toronto’s police department has, the group was on the job, and immediately began checking out the route this Lone Star group was reported to use.

Before heading out, they contacted and contracted a rigger by the name of Michael Williamson to finish Leatherneck’s truck, which was still unfinished after Nikia’s death. He took on the job while Ellie, Kitsa, and Axis scoped out the Lone Star route. Kitsa was first to spot them, while in cat form. They drove past in some kind of patrol vehicle, windows polarized and two of them standing on external steps.

Ellie was next to spot them, from her motorbike, as they pulled in front of an alleyway connecting Yonge St along Bloor St. She rode around the long way to the other end, but only caught a glimpse of one remaining as some kind of sentry, while the others had gone off. Finally, later in the day, they stopped in an ice cream shop where Axis had been waiting to spot them. They actually stopped and got ice cream from the same place as he watched. Axis noticed their sidearms and general gear layout; nothing major, nothing overpowering.

Axis noticed another login to his Commlink, and went full VR to once again be greeted by the now-familiar mystery man. They spoke briefly before being disconnected.

The group decided to check out the alley as a possible ambush site, and asked some residents there how often the fuzz showed up. It seemed like a good spot, so Ellie disguised herself as a homeless person and awaited their arrival the next day. Lone Star showed up again, right on schedule, and started clearing out the alley. Ellie maintained her crazy person persona, and ended up receiving a steel boot kick to the ribs from the Lieutenant in return. Suddenly, the moral implications of killing lawmen seemed less of an issue.

The Lone Star unit was tailed again as they left, by drone and by Kitsa-as-a-bird, and followed pretty much the same route. They followed again a third day, hoping to make absolute certain of a schedule, unfortunately the unit seemed to either get called away or spooked, and took off on the expressway faster than was followable.

Ellie spent the third day resting up and taking it easy after her injury the previous day, a dark purple bruise left as a reminder. She met up again at Chez Poutine with Fish, where he gave her details of a new mission: extraction of Aztecnology AI specialist Luis Mendez. She accepted the job on behalf of the group for 60k.

The group spent the rest of the day plotting their plans. Could the Lone Star vehicle and bodies possibly be used to assist with the Aztec job? Could a living lawman be saved so as to be fed to Angelique and gain some loyalty?


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